Week Of Change

4 days filled with 30 tours to more than 70 projects and initiatives already practicing alternative ways of living and working in Berlin and Brandenburg are over. the feedback of the more than 600 visitors was positive all over.

the tours connected countryside and the metropole of Berlin, different projects and topics such as alternative consumption or work in democratic and collective structures. the week of change was driven by an important message: there is already alternatives to the dogma of growth and exploitation of people and nature. if we want to make a change, we have to start now. close to our own doors … in front and behind, transforming our own way of living, supporting sustainable consumption and economics driven by cooperation, common welfare and solidarity. it's not the talking about, but the experience of possible alternatives that can convince our surrounding to change, to experiment with alternatives and support solidarity structures - step by step, building small islands, that connect all over Europe and the worlds, to build up a net that might not bring the fast revolution, but a constant change and relevant set of alternatives, that will still exist if the capitalistic system collapses.

in summer 2016 we will organize the second week of change in Berlin and Brandenburg. the concept of the week of change is free to be copied all over Europe. if you are interested in more information, dates or cooperation, please write region@solikon2015.de.


sa 5 / su 6 / mu 7 / tu 8 / wed 9 / September

In the run-up to the congress there will be guided bike tours and excursions to visit existing companies and initiatives of solidarity and alternativ economy in Berlin and Brandenburg. Projects, companies and initiatives in different sectors can be visited from Saturday 05/09/15 until Thu 10/09/15 by groups of different sizes. An occasion to get to know directly examples of sustainable lifestyle and alternative economy.

The projects (not yet translated) are -> here

List with tours look -> here

For questions and ideas: wandelwoche@solikon2015.de

The following tours will offer english interpretation:

Sun 6th sept 12:00 - 16:00 (plus outward and return journey of 1,5h each)
Use, what is there – Regional value creation practice and instruction - day trip
Terra Preta, permaculture, community supported agriculture, circular economy and sufficiency - visit two Brandenburg projects.
Information and registration: 

Mon 7th sept 11:00 - 17:00
Visit of Wukania projects site with round tour, lunch, exchange - day trip
Wukania is a urban-rural project with living groups, workshops, nursery, gardens and more. Solidarity economy, D.I.Y. selforganisation 1h north of Berlin.
Information and registration: http://solikon2015.de/de/besichtigung-des-wukania-projektehofs-rundgang-essen-austausch

Mon 7th sept 15:30 - 18:00
Community gardens as new commons land - bike tour
Learn how to turn compost into precious humus for planting and how to garden in the city with little space. Visit of three urban gardens
Information and registration: http://solikon2015.de/de/gemeinschaftsgaerten-als-neue-allmenden-fahrradtour

Mon 7th sept 16:00 - 18:30
urban plants as commons - bike tour
Information and registration: http://solikon2015.de/de/allmende-pflanzen-im-staedtischen-raum-fahrradtour

Tue 8th sept 17:00 - 19:00
Self-governed housing - bike or bus tour
Information and registration: http://solikon2015.de/de/selbstverwaltetes-wohnen-sog-e-g

Tue 8th sept 15:00 - 18:00
Collective organisations in Kreuzberg – a walking tour
Self organising and economic self empowerment - learn what collectively working is all about. And how collectives manage the balancing act between their aspirations and the capitalistic economic system.
Information and registration: http://solikon2015.de/de/kollektivbetriebe-kreuzberg-eine-tour-zu-fuss

Tue 8. sept 17:00 - 19:30
Walking tour "Food, Agriculture, Eating in the city"
Fastfood culture, urban gardening baker's craft. We discuss concepts of eating in the city and their working conditions.
Information and registration: http://solikon2015.de/de/lebensmittellandwirtschaftessen-stadt-fusstour-dem-vertriebskollektiv-schnittstelle

Wed 9th sept 9:00 - 18:30
Alternative agriculture in eastern Brandenburg - day trip
Visit of two quite different models of organic farming. Permaculture, organic agriculture and community living and working.
Information and registration: http://solikon2015.de/de/alternative-landwirtschaft-ostbrandenburg-tagesausflug

Wed 9th sept 14:30 - 18:30
Consume differently?! Sharing, giving, fair and more... - walking tour
Visit projects and companies of alternative und solidarity economy, resource-conserving and sustainable...
Information and registration:  http://solikon2015.de/de/konsum-mal-anders-geliehen-geschenkt-fair-und-mehr-fusstour

Please follow the links or visit http://solikon2015.de/de/wandelwoche/touren and click on the name of the tour you want to participate in.

You will find an email address to register your attendance. Please mention how many participants wish translation.

The Week of Change tours are based on donations by participants. The financial contribution to the city tours is according to your individual possibilites and your own discretion - there is no fixed price. For the tours on the countryside where we have to rent busses we will communicate the expenses we had - and again every participant is invited to find his own contribution to the amount. There will be a possibility at the end of each tour to contribute in cash.

Please get in touch with us if there are any questions: wandelwoche@solikon2015.de