University Solidarity Economy Networks – Exchanging experiences

Saturday, 12.09.
1h 30min
Community and Communication
Education and Science
General concepts and Discourses

With this session, we invite scholars to share their experiences and to collectively think about possible avenues of cooperation, such as common calls for action and the formation of an international university network around the theme of building Solidarity Economies. Brazilian universities play an important role in incubating Solidarity Economy enterprises. Two university networks exist comprising around 40 universities each, which explicitly promote such incubation processes. Themes for discussion at the workshop may include: Research specifically addressing the incubation of solidarity economy enterprises, research findings on Solidarity Economies in a broader sense. We are open for suggestions regarding

Prof. Dr. Rosangela Alves de Oliveira, Dr. Flávio Chedid Ph. D. Isidor Wallimann, Josette Combes, Moderation: Veronica Kienen Dias
Prof. Dr. Rosangela Alves de Oliveira (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, UFRN), Dr. Flávio Chedid (Nucleus of Technical Solidarity, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Ph. D. Isidor Wallimann (Syracuse University, New York), Josette Combes (President of NOVETAT), Facilitated by: Veronica Kienen Dias (Brazilian Sociologist, University of São Paulo)