Swap economy: global and in the neighbourhood

Friday, 11.09.
1h 30min
Art and Creativity
Clothing and Textiles
Consumption and Time
Cooperation and Self-organization
Manual craft and Technology

In this workshop, together with the participants knowledge and expertise, we aim to explore the topics of global production, swap economy, neighbourhood work, skill sharing and value of every day materials, products and peoples work. Through the example of the Kulturlabor Trial&error eV Swap Shop in Neukölln, the challenges and opportunities of the functioning models of swap economy at the4 local level will be analysed.
In the beginning of the session, we plan to take the participants on a trip around the world to see the origins of resources, the production process, environmental costs and labor issues. 
We invite participants with basic as well as expert knowledge in any of the areas tackled as we hope the workshop will be a balanced mix of expert input, exchange of skills and brainstorming of ideas. 
See You there! For more info please feel free to contact us in advance - ruuta.vimba@gmail.com!

Ruta Vimba, Seema Sanghi
Trial & Error is Berlin based collective of artists, cultural workers, craftivists, doers and activists. They have shared interests in DIY culture and craft, non-formal education, open design, reuse of waste and open source culture. They are looking for ecologically and socially sustainable ways to live in the city and to activate local people to participate. The area they are working in Neukölln has amount of social and economical problems due to unemployment, immigration and poverty. Trial&Error is one possibility for locals to take part in neighborhood activities and strengthen community in sustainable way. http://www.trial-error.org/about
Kulturlabor Trial & Error Kollektiv