Solidary partnership in everyday life, business and politics - an utopia?

Friday, 11.09.
3h 30min
Community and Communication
Cooperation and Self-organization
General concepts and Discourses

Encounter of free people on an equal footing with mutual sisterly/brotherly support: "How can I act in a way that all affected and involved - my own interests, the public, nature and future generations included - can live as well as possible with process and results?" Anchored as the Supreme EU Principle and measure for all supranational, national and subnational law-settings and practicies, "Solidarity Partnership" is being transformed from a voluntary attitude of cooperative people into a right. Sovereign Citizens develop a "Policy of creative Reason" and push it through together with responsible Politicians. A Europe-wide "No Go Lobby" prevent together with a "Sovereign Court of Justice" No Go's like nuclear power, Monsanto, poisoning human habitats, salary-millions for topmanagers, starvation wages, more and more unemployed, unprovided sick people, billions on creditor interests and evaded taxes etc. A utopia?

We will decide with the participants if english or german should be the main language. Afterwards we organize the translation into the second language together.

If possible, please bring your laptop.

Günter Hager-Madun
Günter Hager-Madun, Psychotherapist, Organisation-Development-Supporter, political Citizen and Songwriter