Solidarity management of the public property of water

Friday, 11.09.
1h 30min
Community and Communication
Cooperation and Self-organization
Energy and Resources

The Forum will enable the controversial discussion about various ways to handle common goods in the public domain.  Water will be used as an example to show the tension between communal administration and Solidarity Economy methods of public participation and self organization as well as to allow the exchange of practical experience.  Can co-operatives provide an alternative to a democratic administration by public authorities?  Is this possible despite the global trends of the commercialization of our common property and the attempts to turn it into an economic product by the politics of the EU, CETA, TTIP, TISA?  At the end the project “Blue Community” will be briefly introduced posing the question: Are there other potential approaches to further activate the public's interest in their common property of water.

Christa Hecht, Sebastian Schönauer, Bernd Rohde, Gerlinde Schermer, Moderation: Dorothea Härlin
Speakers: Christa Hecht (CEO at Allianz öffentliche Wasserwirtschaft), Sebastian Schönauer (2nd Mayor of Rothenburg, Chairperson for the Working Group for Water at Friends of the Earth, Germany), Bernd Rohde (member of the citizens initiative "Augsburger Stadtwerke in Augsburger Bürgerhand“), Gerlinde Schermer (former Representative, member of the anti-privatization group Berliner Wassertisch), Faciltated by: Dorothea Härlin (Attac, Co-founder of Berliner Wassertisch, European Water Movement and GiB - Gemeingut in BürgerInnenhand)