Solidarity Economy Initiatives and Networks in Southern Europe

Saturday, 12.09.
1h 30min
Agriculture and Food
Education and Science
Health and Well being

This Forum will include speakers from urban initiatives, who are especially focussed on alleviating the current crisis.  Also people from the rural areas who can give a model for resilient economic structures. Due to the current situation there are predominantly projects from Greece, but there will also be speakers from Spain and Portugal. There will be specific examples from the following sectors: agriculture, health, emergency help during crises and educational/culture.  We will endeavor to present the networking situation.  It is intended that there be a Workshop planned around the local initiatives of Solidarity Economy.

Yiannis Barka, Joana Dias, George Ploumpidis, Gorka Pinillos, Theodore Makris
Yiannis Barka (Solidarity4All, Greece), Joana Dias (Academia Cidadã, Portugal), George Ploumpidis (SYNZO + S4All, Greece), Gorka Pinillos (Cooperativa Integral Catalana, Spain), Theodore Makris (Perkas, Greece), Gianluca Solera (COSPE, Italien)