Solidarity Economy Crisis & Resilience: Example of Southern Europe

Saturday, 12.09.
2h 15min
Cooperation and Self-organization
Education and Science
General concepts and Discourses

The role of Solidarity Economy compared with other economies will be discussed against the background of the current crisis in Southern Europe.  The discussion will focus on both new and more established initiatives and projects.  It will also address the relationship of alternative approaches to the possibilities and the constraints of economic policies. A thorough presentation of Southern European Projects will take place in its own Forum and will be followed up with in-depth workshops, which in turn link into this podium.  The key focus concentrates on the question of resilience of Solidarity Economy approaches, including independence from the respective political frameworks.

Georgia Bekridaki, Gorka Pinillos, Prof. Skevos Papaioannou, Alexis Passadakis
Georgia Bekridaki (Solidarity4All, GR), Gorka Pinillos (Cooperativa Integral Catalana, ES), Prof. Skevos Papaioannou (University of Kreta, Greece, University of Kassel, Germany), Facilitated by: Alexis Passadakis (attac)