Small scale Farmers are feeding the world, 1000 more gardens for Africa and Urban agriculture in Berlin and everywhere

Friday, 11.09.
1h 30min
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The International Agricultural Report of 2008 (ISTAAD) has shown again that the small-scale farmers are feeding the people and "the world". They are able to feed themselves and their villagers, and the inhabitants of their towns. In the cities with the growing unemployment of up to two thirds of the population, we face a new kind of urban agriculture.

Community gardening and community supported agriculture is growing fast everywhere in the world. The 10.000 Gardens for Africa Project of Slow Food International is a part of this new international movement for a new kind of agriculture.

Asmelash Dagne, Louise Duhan, Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen
Asmelash Dagne from the Southern Nations in Ethiopia is a teacher and master gardener in the Konso region for organic farming and permaculture. He is travelling around to introduce the farmers how to run their forest garden farms in a proper way. Louise Duhan is working as a coordinator for Slow Food Germany. As a coordinator of the Slow Food Youth International, she is also engaged with the “10 000 gardens for Africa” project of Slow Food International. Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen is a Sociologist, freelance writer as well as photographer. She is also a gardening activist in Berlin. Since 2005 she has cofounded two famous international Gardens in Berlin and elsewhere. She has written many articles and different books about small-scale farming, urban agriculture, community gardening as well as on changing eating habits.