Regional Forum: Solidarity Economy in Berlin-Brandenburg and Brazil

Thursday, 10.09.
1h 30min
Cooperation and Self-organization
Distribution and equal opportunities
General concepts and Discourses

How do we strengthen the economic and political networks of people involved in the alternative economies of Berlin and Brandenburg?  How do we foster the development of a viable network for sustainable and solidarity economy, as a tangible alternative for the majority?  The Podium introduces the current networking activities, offers access to the various aspects of regional networks and gives a focussed overview of the regional themes and possibilities for exchange beyond the Congress.

Ute Scheub, Prof. Rosangela Alves de Oliveira, Elisabeth Voß, Frank Wesemann, Prof. Clarita Müller-Plantenberg, Lisa Grossmann
Speakers: Prof. Rosangela Alves de Oliveira (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, UFRN), Elisabeth Voß (Netz für Selbstverwaltung und Selbstorganisation), Frank Wesemann (Ökohof Waldgarten, Community Supported Agriculture, Allmende-Projekt), Prof. Clarita Müller-Plantenberg (Forum *SÖ, VFSÖ, Vernetzung Nordhessen, Brazil), Facilitated by: Lisa Grossmann