Pupils’ cooperatives

Saturday, 12.09.
1h 30min
Community and Communication
Cooperation and Self-organization
Education and Science

How do pupils’ cooperatives work and what demonstrative examples can be identified? How can pupils’ cooperatives be integrated into everyday school life? What role do partners outside school play and how can young cooperatives contribute to regional development in a sustainable way? This forum is geared towards educators and teachers that already work with pupils’ cooperatives or that would like to incorporate these into their teaching. It will also be of interest to (young) people looking to learn more about the topic. It will be shown to what extent learning objectives such as democratic learning, cooperative entrepreneurship and cooperative/value-oriented economic activities can be reached. We want to learn about the objectives and goals and the self-conception of pupils’ cooperatives and discuss their potential.

Prof. Dr. Nicole Göler von Ravensburg, Mona Schmidt, Moderation: Barbara Schweitzer (angefragt)
Prof. Dr. Nicole Göler von Ravensburg (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences), Mona Schmidt (Projektleitung Schülergenossenschaften: nachhaltig wirtschaften – solidarisch handeln, WHKT). Facilitated: Barbara Schweitzer (VFSÖ, asked)