Dear media representatives,

the role of the media is of great significance in this transformation. We are grateful for all media representatives who will support this important change with their work. In the context of the Solidarity Economy and this congress we decided, that all participants whether speakers, supporters, organizers or cooperation partners, can contribute financially towards this congress. We'd like to ask ALL, even the press and media representatives to register online and make a contribution within their means.


We are curious to hear your feedback and your coverage and are delighted of your presence. There will be a press desk at the congress, and there will be a press conference on Thursday, 10.09 at 10.30am - for the place look up this page on tuesday or ask

On Sunday, 13.09 at 9am, we would like to invite you to the event “Role of the media in the great transformation” which will take place at the congress. We are expecting representatives from independent newspapers from Uruguay, Cuba and Turkey. It will be moderated by Ines Pohl, former chief editor of the taz, The event will be translated into English and Spanish and will be followed by a discussion.

If you have any questions please email us or call us 0152 56 30 84 86 (Mo-Fr, 10am-4pm )


Info material

Press releases

PM 1 – general information to transformation week and congress -> Link to File


Solikon2015 in the media (a selection)


2015-05-01 - Contraste Magazin für Selbstverwaltung - 4 Aktivist*innen der SÖ und Mitorganisierende im Interview (german)

2015-07-27 - Radio Studioansage auf 88.4 Berlin - Andreas Teuchert aus dem Orga-Team des Kongress erklärt die Idee hinter Wandelwoche und Kongress (german)

2015-08-03 - Süddeutsche Zeitung - Paul Singer, brasilianischer Staatssekretär für Solidarische Ökonomie im Interview (german)

2015-08-04 - taz-blog - Flávio Chedid, Nukleus technische Solidarität der Universität Rio De Janeiro im Interview - "Belegschaftsübernahmen insolventer Unternehmen" (german) lobalen-sueden-lernen-interview-zur-belegschaftsuebernahmen-brasilien">

2015-08-28 - enorm Magazin - Philip Bittner - "Alternatives und solidarisches Wirtschaften" (german)



Our photographer Linda Dreisen will capture the Solidarity Economy in pictures. A selection will be found at -> For further use of the pictures please contact At the congress there will an exhibition with the possibility to acquire some pictures for a donation.



We'd be grateful if you could call attention to our crowdfunding campaign in your media activities as it will contribute towards some financial assistance to speakers, video-documentation, child care etc. In return supporters will get “thank yous” in form of books for example on the topic of Regional Seeds or an evening with film makers and writers.



Our Logos and other display files can be found on -> Flickr or here for download