The post-2015 international sustainable development agenda: what is at stake for the Social Solidarity Economy?

Saturday, 12.09.
1h 30min
Distribution and equal opportunities
Environment and Climate
General concepts and Discourses

The year 2015 will be crucial to define the orientations and means of implementation of the international development agenda. What are the opportunities and challenges for Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) actors to scale up the recognition of SSE’s contribution to sustainable development? The session will aim to: - Exchange information and share views and analyses on the post-2015 international sustainable development agenda - Share experiences of innovative practices of communities and SSE actors to finance local, sustainable and community-oriented development - Discuss strategies to increase the visibility and recognition of the contribution of SSE to sustainable development.

Madani Koumaré, Yvon Poirier, Jason Nardi, Hani May, Jürgen Schwettmann, Claire des Mesnards, Moderation: Yvon Poirier
Madani Koumaré (RENAPESS - Mali, RAESS), Yvon Poirier (RIPESS North America), Jason Nardi (RIPESS Europe), Hani May (Social Protection Unit, FAO), Jürgen Schwettmann (ILO), Claire des Mesnards (Global Call to Action against Poverty), Facilitated by: Yvon Poirier (RIPESS North America)