Opening- Plenum - Solidarity Economy and transformation

Thursday, 10.09.
2h 15min
Cooperation and Self-organization
General concepts and Discourses

After some opening words by the organisers and a keynote by Paul Mason under the title „Capitalism is dying – What next?“, a panel discussion will engage with the role and strategic relevance of three transformational dimensions:
1.) Practice (concrete alternatives, solidarity economy) – from niched initiatives to widespread recognition
2.) Regime (economic and political structures and institutions): How can the global transformation towards an ecologically and socially just economy and politics be achieved?
3.) Culture (values, lifestyles, paradigms, „grand narratives“, visions): „steps and pioneers of a socio-cultural transformation“.

Clarita Müller-Plantenberg, Josette Combes, Gabriele Wendorf, Paul Mason, Ursula Sladek, Christoph Bautz, Barbara Muraca, Moderation: Silke Helfrich
Clarita Müller-Plantenberg (Forum *SÖ, VFSÖ), Josette Combes (RIPESS EU), Gabriele Wendorf (ZTG, TU Berlin), Paul Mason (The Guardian, Channel 4News, author of „PostCapitalism“, 2015) Ursula Sladek (EWSchönau), Christoph Bautz (Campact), Barbara Muraca (Degrowth-Researcher, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon). Facilitation: Silke Helfrich (Co-founder Commons Strategies Group)