Living well and working well

Friday, 11.09.
1h 30min
Cooperation and Self-organization
Health and Well being
Reproduction and Work

Living well and working well, how do we fare with work as the basis of individual socilization in light of disaffection, unemployment, burn out etc on one hand and on the other the constant development of the productive forces and global/digital networking of society’s labour?  How can people, existence and work be reconciled again?  How can work be returned to the self determined, co-operative activity which people actually created in the first place?

Ernst Lohoff, Martina Fuchs-Buschbeck, Gerald von Hägele, Moderation: Christine Pohl
Ernst Lohoff (krisis), Martina Fuchs-Buschbeck (OKTOBERDRUCK AG), Gerald von Hägele (Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen), Facilitated by: Christine Pohl (INKOTA)