Learning from the global South!

Friday, 11.09.
2h 15min
Agriculture and Food
Cooperation and Self-organization
Manual craft and Technology

The podium theme is the Solidarity Economy movement in Brazil. The development of the Solidarity Economy in Brazil grew out of the Forum on the Solidarity Economy, as well as the necessary political frameworks via the National Secretariat of Ministry of Labour.  The questions in this panel will focus on the organisational structures, networking and ability to realize and implement goals as well as political frameworks and look towards perspectives for transformation.  Also on the panel, alongside the development of solidarity economy in Brazil, is Farida Akhtar who represents a large co-operative of farmers, craft workers and artisans in Bangladesh.  She will present the strategic aspects of the development of her organisation. These include: autonomy from multinational agricultural companies, the development of a seed bank and direct marketing.

Prof. Rosangela Alves de Oliveira (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN), Prof. Paul Singer (National Secretary for Solidarity Economy, Department of Labor, Brazil), Dr. Flávio Chedid (Nucleus of Technical Solidarity, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Farida Akhtar (UBINIG, Bangladesh), Facilitated by: Christian Russau (FDCL, Journalist)