Degrowth, Solidarity Economy and the Unions - how do they fit together?

Friday, 11.09.
2h 15min
General concepts and Discourses
Money and Finances
Reproduction and Work

In order to tackle the multiple crises, a radical transformation of our economic system is necessary. In many places, different alternative economic models are already discussed and tried out, movements arise. On this panel, we link degrowth, solidarity economy and the work of unions. What chance do practical projects of alternative economies have in the surrounding growth economy? Does solidarity economy need macro-economic degrowth concepts in order to gain a certain stability, or are solidarity companies the answer to missing growth in the global North? What is the situation like in Latin America? Could solidarity economy be a solution to the fear of unions of degrowth? And what could a cooperation on both a theoretic and practical level look like?

Luis Salcedo, Norbert Reuter, Janna Aljets, Moderation: Nina Treu
Luis Salcedo (Co-ordinator of RIPESS Intercontinental), Norbert Reuter (Ver.di), Janna Aljets (BUNDJugend and Degrowth Summerschool), Facilitated by: Nina Treu (Konzeptwerk Neue ├ľkonomie)