Convergence of alternative economic movements for systemic change at European and International levels

Saturday, 12.09.
3h 30min
Cooperation and Self-organization
General concepts and Discourses

How can the impact be strengthened through the development of common strategies, whilst still retaining the individual identities of participating organizations? The plenum will be participatory and use the “fish bowl” method to discuss the topics in three rounds. The topics include the presentation of the organizations, their work areas and their specific challenges as well as the work on joint campaigns aimed at improving the external perception of the movement.

Jason Nardi, Pat Conaty, Silke Helfrich, Michel Bauwens, Christian Felber, Nina Treu, Thomas Dönnebrink, Victor Meseguer, Moderation: Eric Lavillunière und Dagmar Embshoff
Jason Nardi (RIPESS Europe), Pat Conaty (New Economic Foundation), Silke Helfrich (Co-founder Commons Strategies Group), Michel Bauwens (The P2P Foundation), Christian Felber (Economy for the Common Good), Nina Treu (Degrowth 2014), Thomas Dönnebrink (OuiShare), Gerd Wessling (Transition Towns), Victor Meseguer (Social Economy Europe) and others, Facilitated by: Eric Lavillunière (RIPESS Europe) and Dagmar Embshoff (Forum *SÖ)