Community Land Trust and Urban Commons

Friday, 11.09.
3h 30min
Agriculture and Food
Community and Communication
Cooperation and Self-organization
Energy and Resources
Housing and common spaces

This two-session workshop will explore a range of innovative approaches to building urban commons such as community land trusts; co-operative solutions for housing, renewable energy and garden cities; local food systems; and the Bologna Regulation for the Care and Regeneration of Urban Commons, among others.  Presentations will discuss creative initiatives in Barcelona, Spain; Lille, Italy; Seoul, Korea; Bologna, Italy; Madison (Wisconsin, USA), and in Great Britain.  We plan extensive Q&A and discussion, with an accent on action steps for moving forward.

Silke Helfrich, Pat Conaty, John Restakis, Erwin Calonne, Stefan Rost, David Bollier, Michel Bauwens, Christian Iaione, Cliff Rosenthal
Silke Helfrich (Co-founder of Commons Strategies Group), Pat Conaty (Co-operatives UK), John Restakis (BALTA and Synergia), Erwin Calonne (Ouicoop, Belgium), Stefan Rost (Mietshauser Syndikat, Germany), David Bollier (Commons Strategies Group), Michel Bauwens (The P2P Foundation), Christian Iaione (Italy), Cliff Rosenthal (USA)