Closing plenary: Steps towards transformation/ We know other ways! - Results

Sunday, 13.09.
2h 30min
Education and Science
General concepts and Discourses

At this closing plenary, we reflect upon the congress and discuss ideas for the future. We start out with two presentations of the main results of the regional forum initiatives and the transformation forum. With four speakers from different backgrounds, we then shed light on various threads of the conference. Did we bring the different strands of solidarity economy together? What are limitations to spreading it further? How to better disseminate our solidarity practices and cooperative networking to improve our impact and influence ? How can we link our struggles specially to reinforce and learn from the ones in Southern Europe? What are the next global (or pan-european) events where we can come together and focus our energy?

Eric Lavilluniere, Georgia Bekidraki, Sven Giegold, Thomas Brose, Moderation: Nina Treu
Eric Lavilluniere (RIPESS Europe), Georgia Bekidraki (Solidarity4All, Greece), Sven Giegold (MoEP), Thomas Brose (Klimab├╝ndnis/ Allianza del Clima), Facilitated by: Nina Treu (Konzeptwerk Neue ├ľkonomie)