Challenging the Crisis Project, SSE Campaign "Change the economy: think social."

Saturday, 12.09.
1h 30min
Cooperation and Self-organization

Young Global Advocates representing a consortium of NGOs from Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. This workshop will offer a unique, youth based approach to campaigning for SSE with a Development education focus and using  Dev Ed. methodologies. YGAs will be explaining the genesis of the original development education project and its transformation to a campaign on SSE. They will also be seeking support for their campaign to put SSE on the European political and economic agenda. Including a proposal for a European Year on SSE and a discussion on how SSE could contribute to the achievement of  Goal 8 of the SDGs.

Josette und Arielle Combes
Facilitated by: Elena Novillo Martín (EsF), Aoife McNamara (IDEA), Constance Laisné (Altgen). Speakers: CtC Young Global Advocates - Names TBC