Anti-racist perspectives on solidarity economy

Saturday, 12.09.
3h 30min
Cooperation and Self-organization
Distribution and equal opportunities

As self-governing antiracist initiative of people with and without experiences of flight and racism, we are engaged in diverse
forms of solidarity-based economic activity. For many years for instance, we organised the antiracist purchase in Hennigsdorf as way of resistance
against the voucher system. Here, the discriminating vouchers could be exchanged for cash. We also organise housing, participation in the public
arena, mobility, knowledge & learning and the satisfaction of basic needs in solidarity-based ways. As well as presenting and discussing different solidarity-based forms of
resistance against exclusion and oppression, we want to jointly find answers to the questions whether and how concepts of solidarity-based
economics produce and reproduce barriers and exclusion, and how we may deal with this jointly and stay open.

Translation (french-german-english) will be organised in the workshop.

Activists from Corasol
Corasol – Contre le racisme – Show Solidarity is a group of people with and without a right to stay, with and without the experience of flight or migration, who try to fight against racism and white dominace within the society by structural political work and mutual support. More concrete we organized the Antiracist Shopping in Hennigsdorf, do the monthly Friedel-Vokü with information on antiracist topics and smaller public actions. Besides that we cooperate with different antirascist groups in Berlin and Brandenburg.