Writing a European Charter for Community Supported Agriculture

Donnerstag, 10.09.
3h 30min
Gemeinschaft und Kommunikation
Landwirtschaft und Nahrungsmittel

CSAs have many differences and also similarities.  Jointly drafting a European Charter will help the movement to progress as a whole around shared principles. This is a work in progress that will allow those members of CSA networks present in Berlin to come together and share their work to date.

!!! The workshop will continue on friday, 11th. from 9 to 12.30am !!!

Room 6.06 ZTG (building next to TU) from 12.30pm (10.09.15) room 5.17


Judith Hitchmann
URGENCI RIPESS EU Restricted to people involved in CSA - registration required [Closed] with jocelyn.parot@urgenci.net