IG Blech

Freitag, 11.09.
2h 15min
MA Foyer 0.EG
Kunst und Kreativität

Blasmusikalisch immer auf Ballhöhe, aber mit eigen(artig)en Vorstellungen von Kunst, Kultur und Klassenkampf. 3 Posaunen, 5 Trompeten, 2 Altsaxophone, 2 Tenorsaxophone, 2 Baritonsaxophone, 2 Sopransaxophone, Klarinette, Piccoloflöte und Tuba. Und mit dem Taktgefühl einer Dampframme: Unsere percussion section. HeavyMessingWorldMusic vom Allerfeinsten. Und das Beste ist: Sie singen nicht!


Looking at the band's line-up - 3 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, a 10-piece woodwind section and percussion - one might easily believe IG Blech to be just another one of those numerous marching bands. However, first glance leads to a complete failure! The repertoire is more likely to give you some hints about the special blend and variety of styles and genres, that have made this ensemble an unmistakable one. Not easy to pigeonhole though! Listening to a set or two of IG Blech's worldwild mixture then will lead you to a simple but precise conclusion: HeavyMessingWorldMusic. A game on words that works well both in German and English (German "Messing" = Brass). Or to be a bit more modest: IG Blech - Berlin's premier World Music Brass Band

IG Blech